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About Our Agency

A Bit About Us

G.L. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc. is a family owned, full service commercial insurance agency.  We opened our doors on September 29th, 1989, funded with a $2,500 credit line, two loyal co workers, and the desire to succeed.

Having been in the insurance industry since 1978, Gary Anderson has learned that there is only one constant in the California business climate, and that is that nothing remains the same for long.  We understand that as business owners, our clients have more than their share of rules and regulations to contend with that they never anticipated when opening their doors, not to mention insurance costs that can equal up to 5% of gross revenue.

As with any small business, we learned the hard way, that in order to survive, we have to be flexible in how we do business.

Being small, we don’t have to go up the chain of command to develop new fields of expertise or to change our delivery system. We bring this same approach when providing the most innovative, cost effective and user friendly insurance programs to our clients.


Service is a catch word that is thrown around like a Frisbee at a dog park.  Everyone claims that they provide the fastest, friendliest, most professional service available at the most competitive price.  These types of promises should not be made lightly, as you the client, deserve to receive what you have purchased.  A main function of our agency services is to educate our clients as to what they should expect when purchasing business insurance.

Service starts at the point of sale.  We only promise what we know we can deliver.  Be it price, products or services after the sale.  A poorly written insurance policy can put you out of business as fast as a bad CPA or attorney.  Poor service after the fact, can cost you clients, money and your reputation.

Our service team is all highly educated and trained.  All training emphasizes that our success depends on the relationships we develop with our clients after the sale.  When your business requires documentation be provided to the DMV, CSLB, EDD or any of the 3,279 state and federal departments, we know how important it is that these issues  be handled quickly and correctly.

Why Us?

Market Diversity: We are an independent agency directly representing 40 Insurance carriers ranging from Ace to Zurich.

Market strength:  Being an affiliate of PIA, we can use the strength provided by having in excess of $10,000,000 in written premium with almost all of our carriers.

Flexibility: We insure small businesses with annual premiums of $500 to those paying in excess of $500,000 annually.  Our client base includes advertising agencies, contractors, geotechnical engineering firms, medical malpractice, property management, the towing industry and propane truck manufacturers.  There really isn’t a line of business that we are not comfortable with or qualified to handle.